Integrated performance management

2005 - Nimbus Magazine - Peter Geelen

Everybody is aware of the companies’ objectives.
All employees striving for the same goals.
Daily activities are dedicated towards achieving those goals.
Employees are really motivated and willing to do that extra step.
Management information is well balanced and gives you insight in the performance of your business.
Information technology ensures reliable and timely information for every employee within your company.
Only projects that have a real impact on achieving your strategic objectives are currently running.
You are fully informed about the performance of your company and the progress of these projects.
You are in control and able to respond to changes in your environment at any point in time.
Your organization is fully under control.
… for the majority of organizations this is the nirvana.

Yet, the current performance management methods are often disappointing. To make it a success, iPM should be used. It is a five step model that validates strategy, defines strategic objectives and KPIs, links process maps and performance, involves all employees and creates an attitude and commitment to continuous improvement.