2020 - Peter Geelen

ISBN: 9789462763982

Winning with the right KPIs

From strategy to execution: how performance indicators can help

A common pitfall for organisations is that they – albeit often unknowingly and with the best intentions – create barriers for a successful execution of their strategy by implementing conflicting Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs). This comes at the expense of customers and fixing the mistakes takes a lot of time, effort and money. KPIs don’t generate the desired performance improvement and the daily delusions continue to rule the organisation. But working with KPIs can have a result. 

This book describes an innovative approach that had been battle-tested and proven successfully in practice for more than 15 years. 

You learn how KPIs help you to:

  • significantly improve performance of your organisation
  • create additional value for customers 
  •  limit daily delusion within your organisation 
  •  stimulate collaboration across departments 
  •  fully utilize employee talents 
  •  maintain these changes in the long run

Publisher: Boom Uitgevers Amsterdam

Pages: 171


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